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Confused about the new look?

The old site was taken down because I didn't want to have to maintain it anymore*. Based on popular demand, I've decided to get a read-only version up and running again, with a simpler, more responsive design. I'll slowly be adding back functionality (like registration, editing, viewing history, etc) as time permits.

I originally built this site as a place for McGill students (especially myself) to help each other by sharing lecture notes and other student-created course material. I've since graduated from McGill, so I no longer use Wikinotes myself, and my free time is limited. Contact me if you're interested in helping out (@dellsystem on Twitter; ilostwaldo at gmail).

* It was initially built with Django 1.2 and Bootstrap 1.2, neither of which is supported anymore, and updating the codebase for the current versions would not have been worth the effort.