What is Wikinotes?

Wikinotes was a collaborative, volunteer-run effort among students at McGill University in the early 2010's, with the purpose of sharing lecture notes and other study materials. It was initially hosted with MediaWiki before I decided to build a custom Django app for it, using Bootstrap 1.2 (back when Bootstrap still seemed cool and novel). Most of the content was written by myself or another different member of the Wikinotes collective. Unfortunately the full authorship history is lost for the time being, but the math and computer science courses are mostly me.

I've since graduated from McGill, so the project is no longer actively maintained, and I've decided to let the old codebase die out (it would be far too painful to get the old Django 1.2 app working for the latest version of Django). But I didn't want to lose the content, so I've resurrected a limited, read-only version for archival purposes. This website is hosted on Github Pages using the Django Distill app (for generating a static site from a simple Django app) just because I don't want to have to pay for hosting (see the current repo).

If you're curious about the development history, check out the old Github repo. You can also get in touch with me through my personal website.

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