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Introduction to the course

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Introduction to the course only (no material today). This class ended 45 minutes early.

1Course overview

There is no webpage for the course. You can find the syllabus via MyCourses.


The tutorials for this course will be held on Tuesday from 10-12 and on Thursdays from 3-5 in Burnside, 920. There will be one hour of formal instruction and one hour of office hours.


You don't need to get any particular textbook. If you do want a textbook that you can follow along with, just choose any textbook about numerical analysis - they are all fairly interchangeable.


There will be some programming on the assignments. The tutorials will serve as an introduction to MATLAB, which can be useful if you don't have any programming experience. Otherwise, feel free to use any language you want for the programming questions, as long as your code is readable.

You can work together on assignments if you like, as long as you adhere to McGill's standards for academic integrity.