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Axon Guidance part 3

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1Modulation of Response to axon guidance cues

  • response to a specific group vary

    • among different populations of neurons
    • at different envrionment
    • at different time
  • cAMP level can switch neuron's response to guidance cues

  • other levels of control

    • transcriptional control fo receptor expression

    • local translation of receptors within the growth cone

      • EphA2 expression is activated after growth cone crosses the floor plate
      • this is shown by fluorescent-tag its 3' UTR
    • post translational modification of receptor - shedding

      • metalloprotease cleaves off / shed the receptors like DCC
        • makes cells less responsive to netrin -1
      • metalloprotease inhibitors potentiate responses to netrin-1
    • receptor silencing - slit-robo signaling

      • Netrin attract axons to midline via signaling through DCC
      • once axon crosses the midline,
        • repulsion by slit expressing in the midline
        • robo is upregulated, binds to DCC, inhibit attractive response to netrin
      • this prevents axon from re-entering the midline